If you want to build a game for learning, you better play a lot of games ...Read Ben Sawyer's recommended list of game websites!

A 'serious game":
• has a challenging goal
• is fun to play or engaging
• incorporates some form of scoring
• imparts to the user a skill, knowledge or attitude that can be applied in the real world

Listen to Bryan Bergeron and others discuss serious games.

Imagine a class where you can have direct eye-contact with every student and improve the engagement level as a result...
Jeremy Bailenson explains gaze and Virtual Reality.

SimWorkshops: SUMMIT-TATRC Workshop Series

370 people attended one or more of the 9 workshops offered between January, 2005 and February, 2007. Workshops held in conjunction with other conferences drew the largest attendance. The online workshop encourgaed global attendance. 74% of attendees said they made one or more new contacts or collaborations as a result of the workshops. Participants indicated that their knowledge of this field increased as a result of this series.

Now that the workshop series is over, we invite you to continue collaborating, learning, and engaging with this lively field of gaming and medical education.

Here's what you'll find on the site!

  • Get an overview - The workshop listing includes the event announcement, the agenda with presentations and bios, the evaluation, and an attendee map.
  • Contribute a reading - The presenters and SUMMIT staff have put together a list of articles and websites. Please send us your suggestions.
  • Download a video on games & engagement - Two of the workshops were captured in video so you can attend anytime, anywhere.
  • Learn in detail about a topic - All of the presentations are listed in the chronological index of all the workshops. Transcripts have been added for most of the presentations.